Spark Mate is able act as a subcontractor in a variety of situations, for a number of electrical services including general electrical, solar services and air conditioning. We are able to quote or tender for projects as required.


  • Subcontracting to builders for residential construction (new homes and renovations)

  • Subcontracting to solar sales companies providing installation services

  • Subcontracting with other electrical companies for support work for large projects


With experience with subcontracting relationships, we understand the fact that in these situations, our business is a representation of yours. We perform at our best, so that you look fantastic to your clients.



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Billy law, owner + founder Everysolar

Finding a good subbie to install the solar systems we sell is near impossible. We’re so fortunate to have come across Spark Mate. We don’t just see Jarrod and his team as installers or subbies for us though, they are an extension of our business. They treat customers as their own and since we started using Jarrod and his team 4 years ago, our job turnaround time has halved, which has substantially improved our cash flow. We regularly get calls from customers wishing to thank us for sending Jarrod and his team around and letting us know how great they were. Spark Mate is our preferred solar installer without hesitation.


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Phone:   0449 634 149


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