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AlphaESS Smile5

AlphaESS Smile5


AlphaESS is available for DC-coupling, AC-coupling and hybrid-coupling connection and working with multiple battery options including 10.1kWh and 13.3kWh battery module. With VPP value stacked, it would be the best choice for householders.




Prices are indicative only and include a basic installation next to a compliant meterboard and within the Australian Standards for home batteries. All prices are subject to an online discussion and if needed a site inspection. 

Additions such as emergency blackout protection, more solar panels, meterboard/circuitboard upgrades, fire proofing backing and government compliance requirements. 

We can provide exact prices once we have a discussion with you about your needs and your home.

  • This is our largest selling battery. A sleek looking all in one inverter, charger and battery in one compact cabinet. They are very good in garages due to their size and the compact cabinet. They come in two options, a 10.1kwh and a 13.3kkwh option. Very well priced and Alpha has a large technical after sales team based in Australia.

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