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Dyness Powerbox Pro

Dyness Powerbox Pro


Powerbox Pro 10.24kw is an AC coupled battery which is compatible with many Low Voltage Inverters. Our main inverter for this battery is the Goodwe or LG Chem 5048 low voltage model. 


Dyness is our preferred option low voltage for the Battery Booster program, due to its large 10kwh capacity, good design, high quality and good pricing. The Powerbox Pros can be applied in high temperature environments and take up less space for installation.


The battery is also compatible with older SMA, Solax, Goodwe, Deye low voltage hybrid inverters.




Prices are indicative only and include a basic installation next to a compliant meterboard and within the Australian Standards for home batteries. All prices are subject to an online discussion and if needed a site inspection. 

Additions such as emergency blackout protection, more solar panels, meterboard/circuitboard upgrades, fire proofing backing and government compliance requirements. 

We can provide exact prices once we have a discussion with you about your needs and your home.

  • The Dyness battery is a Low Voltage option which is both well sized and has software compatible with most brands. They are versatile with compatibility with most Low Voltage inverters/chargers.

    Dyness are the perfect size at 10.24kwh and well priced that make it a popular choice for both on and off grid applications.

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